Board of Directors

*Frank Valenti - President

*Ed Cramer - Vice President

Ann Gilbert - Secretary

*Ken Bonner - Treasurer

*Sam Cangelosi- Director

*Anna-Maria Halstead - Director

Vacan - Director

*Ed Rothstein - Ex Officio Board Member

Cristina Holmes - Assistant to the President

* Retired Military or Veteran


Our History

The CCVIP was established as a 501c3 nonprofit (EIN: 82-4019756) effective September 5, 2017.

We were originally established to enter into a public-private partnership with Carroll County Government (CCG) to reapply for reconveyance of the former Carroll County Memorial U.S. Army Reserve Center at 404 Malcolm Drive in Westminster. The reason for reapplication to the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for reconveyance was predicated on repurposing the facility to a Veterans Services Center to provide a range of services including shelter. Previously, the County had acquired the property from the Federal General Services Administration (GSA) for law enforcement/emergency response but determined it was not suitable.

The establishment of a Veterans Services Center was recommended by the Carroll County Veterans Advisory Council (VAC), formed by the Board of County Commissioners effective July 1, 2014, which functions as an entity of the Department of Citizen Services. 

Beginning in September 2017, the CCVIP, in coordination with CCG, submitted an application to HHS. Over a period of 16 months, three iterations were completed in response to HHS requirements. However, our application was disapproved in January 2019. After careful consideration by our CCVIP Board of Directors, we decided not to reapply. Carroll County Government representatives also agreed with our decision. 


Moving Forward

As of April 2019, the CCVIP, with full support and assistance from CCG entities, is beginning to look for properties that will work for us, initially on a lease basis with buildout, to meet our projected needs. We will continue to provide updates on our progress.


Our Mission

 The mission of the Carroll County Veterans Independence Project (CCVIP) is to provide services to the approximately 10,000 veterans and family members living in Carroll County and nearby communities. 


Our Goal 

Provide a safe and secure community-based setting where veterans and their family members can commit to accepting support to receive earned benefits and assistance toward transitioning into their communities as productive citizens.


  • One-on-one intake assessment of needs and case management
  • Validation of earned benefits and programs available
  • Shelter and transportation on an as-needed basis
  • Physical, mental health, and substance abuse care based on assessment
  • Emotional and social well-being awareness and training
  • Job education and training
  • Mentoring and volunteering opportunities in local communities 


Partner Support

We are most grateful and thankful for broad and multi-level support, including our elected and appointed Federal, State, County and municipal officials. We remain fully engaged with State and County service agencies, nonprofits, veteran service organizations, and service clubs with which will optimize our collective services. In addition, we are fortunate to have interest from public and private businesses and foundations, as well as faith-based organizations and private individuals already providing in-kind and financial support.


We have estimated projected start-up cost to be about $2 million. As we begin to look at properties, we will adjust our projected costs accordingly.

Donations can continue to be made through this website, as well as by check payable to CCVIP, Inc. 

Our mailing address is: 

CCVIP c/o Access Carrol

10 Distillery Drive, Suite 200

Westminster, MD 21157

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Carroll County Veterans Independence Project

CCVIP c/o Access Carrol 10 Distillery Drive, Suite 200 Westminster, MD 21157

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