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Board of Directors

*Frank Valenti - President

*Ed Cramer - Vice President

Ann Gilbert - Secretary

*Ken Bonner - Treasurer

*Sam Cangelosi- Director

*Anna-Maria Halstead - Director

*Robert Philips - Director

Cristina Holmes - Assistant to the President

* Retired Military or Veteran


Our History

The purpose of the Carroll County Veterans Independence Project (CCVIP) is to provide services to the approximately 13,000 veterans living in Carroll County and nearby communities. However, this does not include family members. According to the annual 2017 Federal government point-in-time ending homelessness report, an average of 9% of homeless are veterans. In FY 2018, Carroll County's Homeless Management Information System recorded 48 homeless veterans and 797 total homeless, as reported across all  homeless services providers. Currently there is no permanent shelter or transitional services specifically devoted to veterans. To address this issue, a steering committee consisting of local individuals, mostly retired veterans and other community volunteers have begun the process of acquiring, or leasing a building in Carroll County. 

Once acquired the facility will: Provide shelter, assistance and social support for Carroll county veterans and their families; Provide services related to housing, transportation, physical and mental health care and nutritional needs; Provide job training and educational programs, internships and mentoring opportunities; Promote emotional and social well-being and advocacy for those who sacrificed and served our Nation. 

CCVIP is a nonprofit (501c3).

Support and encouragement have been received from members of our State Delegation, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, The Department of Social Services, Carroll County Commissioners, the local Veterans  Advisory Council and the Bureau of Aging and Disabilities, The Kahlert Foundation, Point Breeze Credit Union, Post 467 and the Community Foundation of Carroll County.  


Our Mission

The purpose of the Carroll County Veterans Independence Project is to provide services to the approximately 13,000 veterans living in Carroll County and nearby communities.

 Specific Objective and Purposes:  

  • To get veterans and their families into shelter. 
  • To provide services to assist in reintegrating veterans into meaningful employment within the labor force. 
  • To stimulate the development of effective service delivery that will address the complex problems facing homeless veterans (mental and physical health, etc.).  
  • To act as a central location of supportive service delivery for our veterans and their families. 
  • To host regional events where services are provided to homeless veterans and their families throughout the region (Carroll, Baltimore, Frederick, Washington, Howard, and Montgomery counties and Baltimore City. Where meals, health screening, clothing, dental and medical attention, flu shots, haircuts, employment and other related services are offered. 
  • To assist veterans and their families with rapid transition to civilian life in the Carroll County region. Establish contact with active duty service members who intend to reside in the County to support them and avoid transition problems related to healthcare, unemployment, housing, and homelessness. 
  • To work cooperatively with other organizations, agencies, and individuals regarding policies, programs, services, and concerns relating to veterans’ interests within Carroll County.  

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